We’re in this for the money

It sounds so noble to say you’re not doing something for the money. Some brewers are passionate about brewing beer. They say they just want to make good beer. Some hop growers love farming. They say all they want to do is farm. At the end of the day, everybody cares about the money. If they didn’t, it would be called charity. How much of your time have you ever volunteered in your life?

At 47Hops we are doing this for the money. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you are too. The growers from whom we buy the hops expect to receive money so they can continue to produce hops from one year to the next. Try not paying somebody and see how quickly they react. The people who work any merchant company or brewery expect to get paid on a regular basis. Even if somebody doesn’t have a family, chances are they enjoy eating on a pretty regular basis. When it comes down to it, money is the reason we do all this work so let’s not be ashamed to say that.

The money in the hop industry comes only from one source, from the breweries. It’s not great that there’s only one source, but that’s the hand we have been dealt. For that reason, it’s important for brewers to pay their bills on time and respect the system. If they can’t they should make arrangements to schedule those payments so everybody knows what to expect. It throws a wrench in the system when they don’t or when they try to walk away from contracts.

Hopefully, along the way, we all derive some pleasure from what we do too. Let’s be honest though … enjoying what you do for work is really secondary to eating. If you can’t afford to eat, you’re not doing the right thing with your time.