THERE’S A SHORTAGE, of hop market information that is.

Information about the hop world is hard to come by.  So are aroma hops nowadays!  47 Hops offers access to market information, as well as aroma and alpha hops. In our constant effort to rock the boat and disrupt the system, we’ll be posting somewhat regularly from now on. We’ll keep it to at least once a month so you don’t feel like we’re too spammy. Sometimes, we’ll have to be a bit more active to keep you informed.

We’ll post all the pictures we’d like to share on our Pinterest page so definitely check us out there!  We already post a lot of news from the hop and beer worlds along with some trip related information too on our Facebook page on an almost daily basis.  Then, of course, there’s Twitter … Honestly, we’ve not been that active on Twitter yet, but we’ll be ramping that up this year so you won’t want to miss that either!
Of course, all the things we’ll be writing here are only our opinions based on the information we encounter during our travels. Please don’t rob your granny’s pension fund and speculate on hops based on anything we write here. It’s all for informational purposes only.You shouldn’t rob granny anyway!! 
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