The Princess and the Hop Contract

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. The princess worked as the purchasing manager for a big beautiful brewery. One day, the owner of the brewery discovered a mountain of hops had grown right in the middle of his beautiful brewery. There were so many hops they didn’t know what to do. The owner wondered how such a mountain of hops could grow so quickly inside his big beautiful brewery. The owner of the brewery decided the princess must be to blame for the mountain of hops. He became very angry with the princess and banished her from his big beautiful brewery forever.

The princess was very sad and had nowhere to go. She had been banished from the only brewery she had ever loved. Only one hop merchant, the wisest and oldest of all, heeded her call in the middle of the night. He and the princess were very good friends. He promised to use his magic to find her another brewery she could call home.

The owner, still very angry about the mountain of hops, asked the wise old hop merchant, ‘Why did you not stop the princess from buying so many hops?’ Seeking a quick solution, the owner demanded the wise old merchant make the mountain of hops in his big beautiful brewery disappear immediately. The wise old hop merchant had seen such mountains appear before. He knew there was no magic in the kingdom powerful enough to move this mountain. He assumed due to the curious nature of the owner’s question that this must be a riddle and responded thusly:


Twas not I who created the recipes for your beers,

Twas not I who decided your brewery would produce so much beer,

Twas not I who ordered the hops for the brewery,

Twas not I who signed the contract on the brewery’s behalf,

You did these things of your own accord.


The brewery endured the weight of the mountain of hops for many years. It strained the kingdom and all its subjects. In time, the mountain of hops began to disappear. It was many years before the mountain vanished. During this time, the owner gained much wisdom and survived to contract another day, now wiser and more knowledgeable as to the ways of the hop.