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Why Sony Suing Knee Deep Brewing is GOOD and BAD for Craft

It’s bad, of course, that lawsuits have become the solution to the problems within the industry. The recent lawsuit filed by Sony against Knee Deep Brewing over alleged “trademark infringement, dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition”  may have a silver lining!  The lawsuit happening between Stone Brewing Company and Miller Coors … another […]

New hop varieties in 2018

Whenever I meet craft brewers, they inevitably ask two questions. 1) What new varieties are there? 2) Do you have any experimental varieties? When I hear that I wonder if the people asking have tried every “old” variety already. On a recent trip, I asked a group of brewers that very question. In particular, I […]

Brewing Success In the Borough of Churches

By Matt Giles 47Hops Guest Writer Since 2013, Brooklyn’s hottest ticket hasn’t been any of the bars in Bushwick, or the underground dinner parties dotting throughout the borough – it’s been on the border of Red Hook, in the shadow of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, behind a McDonald’s take-out window, and without any signage. That’s where […]