Some Hop Merchants Suck

One of our happy new customers shared a horror story with us, part of which I’d like to share with you. The brewer in question called one of our competitors because he was interested in contracting for some hops for his relatively new brewery. During that call, he was told, “You’re shit out of Luck if you don’t already have contracts” Literally!  That is what they said to him … seriously … I’m not making this up!!!  

Way to go to the salesperson who said that to a potential customer! You’ve found your calling. I guess the company probably figures that since they have some hard-to-source proprietary varieties they can treat potential customers like garbage. That was a particularly rude exchange. Much more commonly we hear that customers tried for weeks, sometimes even months, to reach their hop merchant with no luck. 

Everybody can make mistakes, but this goes way beyond simple mistakes. This seems to be a policy of disrespect. It reminds me of the Carl’s Jr. motto from the movie Idiocracy.  Here’s a clip from the movie: It’s a must see!

Before we get to that stage in the industry … Don’t forget, as the customer, you get to vote with your dollars. Work with somebody who will treat you right!  The guys with the poor customer service will get the message when they lose more market share. 

Fun fact: One of the people involved with the social media for Carl’s Jr. at the time that movie came out used to work for 47Hops. She said Carl’s Jr. never authorized the use of their name in the movie, but they were so happy with all the attention they got from it that they never pursued any legal action.