Money doesn’t trust anybody

I sold an old truck to the wife of our farm manager. He and I had a great relationship, and I gave him a great deal on my dad’s old truck. The truck was in great shape. His wife gave me an envelope with the money. Right away, without thinking, I put it in my pocket. She insisted that I count it. I told her that I trusted them. To that, she responded,

Money doesn’t trust anybody … count it.

She was right. Whenever there is money involved, personal feelings should go out the window. It’s business! It is your responsibility to make sure the deal is done correctly. 

Why am I mentioning this now? There are a lot of hop contracts today. They exist to guide how companies should work together. There are renegotiations happening too. There are some things that may happen during the course of those renegotiations that neither side will like. It’s not personal. It’s just business. Sometimes that sucks when things don’t go your way. I’ve learned the importance of divorcing yourself from your emotions when it comes to business. I used to get offended or hold a grudge from some transactions. In the long run though, it’s not worth it. The only person whose life you affect by doing that is your own.

Some brewers in the industry today are new to running a business. They get butt hurt when they feel like they don’t get what they want. This message is for you.