Jarrylo® Hops – Spotlight

The American Dwarf Hop Association (ADHA) created Jarrylo® a few years back originally as an aroma hop variety. We have quite a few customers who have purchased Jarrylo® during the past several years. Many of them shared their thoughts with us. Jarrylo® is an interesting hop, but it’s not easy to work with. A brewer has to know how to really craft a beer to use this variety. You can’t just phone in this variety or expect to cruise on autopilot and make a great beer. Other varieties are easier to work with. If you try that with this variety, it will leave you underwhelmed. For that reason, we have seen customers who have loved it and others who have left it, not willing to figure out how to properly use it.


Watch the Brew Dudes as they explore the Jarrylo® variety in a SMaSH beer:



Another interesting blog that highlighted the Jarrylo® variety:

Experimental Hop Series #9: Jarrylo Saison (Recipe #39, Batch #2015.09)



In short, if you chose not to follow any of the links above, I’ll tell you that the Jarrylo® variety can deliver a wide variety of flavors. Some say orange peel, citrus, banana and even blackberry are all possible. That makes it sound like an amazing flavor hop. Honestly, more often than not we hear that it is not a variety to be used for its flavor alone. Its flavors are subtle and need a craftsman who can bring them out properly. True, it has amazing flavors. They require a master to release them. Many people, therefore, find the flavors to be somewhat underwhelming. The result is that they give up on the variety before they discover its potential.

If nothing else Jarrylo® can be a good bittering variety. It has an alpha acid value greater than your average Columbus. With that in mind, it can be a nice gentle way to achieve bittering. Furthermore, given its subtle flavor undertones it is very forgiving if you are looking for additional bitterness by adding it later in the brewing process. Many of our brewery customers, and the above two blogs, agree that the Jarrylo® variety would be best combined with another variety than as a stand-alone. That, I suppose, is part of the complexity of the variety. Are you up for the challenge Jarrylo® offers?


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