Is a Hop Surplus Coming?

What an appropriate post for Friday the 13th!  

The potential for extreme overproduction exists and is only a step away. Hop growers should choose their next moves very carefully or 2017 may be the year they start fondly remembering how great it once was to be a hop grower.

The poor production of 2016 means there is the potential for at least an additional 5 million pounds of hops (an increase of over 5%) without an additional acre of hops planted in 2017! At 2 pounds of hops per barrel of beer, that’s enough hops to brew an additional half a billion glasses of beer! I haven’t heard of any brewers that aren’t brewing all the beer they could be brewing. Quite the contrary in fact, many are sitting on hops they don’t need or are a year behind on their hop usage. Scratch a brewer today and you’ll smell hops.

Nobody is talking about a shortage … even though the 2016 crop was 5 million pound short! Even more tragic is the fact that some growers have hops available today they produced without a contract. 47Hops is not buying them right now. From what I hear, nobody else is either. You know why? … because nobody needs them!


Growers, think about THAT when you’re planting hops in 2017.