Why Sony Suing Knee Deep Brewing is GOOD and BAD for Craft

It’s bad, of course, that lawsuits have become the solution to the problems within the industry. The recent lawsuit filed by Sony against Knee Deep Brewing over alleged “trademark infringement, dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition”  may have a silver lining!  The lawsuit happening between Stone Brewing Company and Miller Coors … another […]

New hop varieties in 2018

Whenever I meet craft brewers, they inevitably ask two questions. 1) What new varieties are there? 2) Do you have any experimental varieties? When I hear that I wonder if the people asking have tried every “old” variety already. On a recent trip, I asked a group of brewers that very question. In particular, I […]

Game Theory and the Hop Industry

The craft beer industry everybody praises as being responsible for a renaissance in hop flavors and craft production during the past decade, is transforming the hop industry. I’m not talking about insatiable demand for new hop flavors or the ever-increasing number of hop varieties on the market. The business of the hop industry itself is […]

Hop Stocks Report Proves the World Needs a Hop Holiday

The USDA released its hop stocks report for the United States today. These numbers are still probably the least appreciated, but in my opinion, one of the most important numbers to get a feel for the supply situation in the hop market. This year, they show a more desperate picture than most people would care […]

Why some hop prices will remain high for the next year

In the future, in hindsight, the 12 months between now and November 2018 will go down as the most significant time in the industry’s recent history. The next 12 months will likely determine the next 12 years for the hop industry. You’re probably thinking that’s a pretty bold statement and maybe even a little bit […]

How many surplus hops are there?

How many surplus hops are there? One week ago, the USDA released the September 1 Hop Stocks report. You can have a look at it for yourself on the USDA’s website. It’s nice to see statistics, but if you don’t know how to interpret them, they are useless. So, what does it mean when the […]