Azacca® Hops – Spotlight

The American Dwarf Hop Association released the Azacca® hop variety several years ago as one of their first forays into the proprietary aroma hop market. Don’t let the word proprietary scare you in this case. Access is not an issue with Azacca®. Supplies are managed responsibly to meet all the demand out there, not intentionally creating shortage to jack up the price. Speaking of price … You also won’t have sticker shock when you see the price. They are much more reasonably priced than some of the other proprietary varieties that have given “proprietary” a bad name. Azacca® popularity grows with each passing year as brewers become more familiar with the exotic flavors it brings to the table, particularly mango and pineapple.

Azacca® is an aroma hop but delivers high alpha 14-16%. It posses a mild bitterness so you won’t find its alpha spoiling the flavors you’re looking for. We see breweries using Azacca® hops in all sorts of ways, from IPAs to sours and every time it seems to delivery amazing flavor. It seems, however, the most positive comments stem from brewers who have used it later in the brewing process, particularly as a dry hopping addition. Azacca® has a lot to offer all through the brewing process though as evidenced by this post from Founders Brewing announcing their Azacca® IPA.

If you’d like to read another perspective … Here are some useful tasting notes from the user yso191 on the homebrewer association forum. Thanks yso191, whoever you are. 


In a sea of new hop varieties, Azacca® rises above the rest. It is a versatile variety that find a niche in many different beer styles. It offers everything from mango to pineapple to piney resinous flavors depending on how you use it. Azacca’s® fun exotic flavors really shine though when used late in the brewing process, particularly as a dry hopping addition. If you’re looking to blend it with another hop variety or even some fruit additions, this is the hop that will work with you to accomplish your goals. If you haven’t tried Azacca® yet, you should. It’s so flexible, you’ll be sure to use it in at least one of the beer styles you’re brewing.

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